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DragonFlite 95 Travelers Trophy - The Villages February 7, 2021
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2/27/2020 Laser Regatta
Place Skipper Points
1 Jim Kaighin 11
2 Larry Lefczik 26
3 Eric Leitner 33
4 Henry DeWolf 41
5 Doug Jones 45
6 Dave Branning 46.5
7 Jack Ward 47
8 Janice Anderson 48.75
9 Jim Flach 50
10 Jim Pascalides 51
11 Victor Oberg 52
12 Cape May Ray 56
13 Terry Naylon 65
Place Skipper Points
1 Chris Dingle 20
2 Richard Flach 49T
3 Hal Steward 49T
4 Frank Vella 52
5 Harry Henkel 54T
6 Joan Lefczik 54T
7 Bob Tallman 55
8 Roger Baldwin 59
9 Mark Daddino 60
10 Myles Loesel 61
11 Jim Karr 67
12 Rick Doherty 79

2/22-23/2020 Soling 1M Region 7 Championship Regatta Results

2/8-9/2020 MicroMagic Region 7 Championship Reggata

Race Charman - Don Ouimette
1st - Jack Ward (not pictured)
2nd - Art Hawes
3rd - Ron Shephanz
4th - Greg Norris

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12/14/2019 DF 65 Travelers Trophy

1st Tony Gonsalves 2nd Calvin Obara 3rd Martin Gray
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12/15/2019 DF95 Travelers Trophy

1st Tony Gonsalves 2nd Peter Feldman 3rd Don Ouimette 4th Chuck Millican 5th Calvin Obara
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9/29/2019 DF 65 Regional Championship Regatta
Jerry Leonard won the "Sailing with Corinthian Spirit" award at the DF 95 Regionals in St. Augustine.

8/17-18/19 10th Annual Can-Am Regatta
@ Stowe Yacht Club, Stowe Vermont
With 7 SCMSC members in attendance, the US won the Can-Am Regatta. Don Ouimette took 2nd, Jack Ward 5th, Ray Corrette, 11th.
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5/25/19 Fun Regatta
Place # Skipper   Place # Skipper
1 44 Ron Lacroix 7 01 Nick Chavasse
2 38 Dick Maiese 8 19 Mike Rodeheaver
3 10 Phil Sanders 9 46 Pauline Lacroix
4 52 Greg Howell 10 27 Ron Stephanz
5 47 Howard Means 11 78 Joe Hamilton
6 33 Ray Corrette 12 50 Dick Anderson

4/3/19 Leukemia Cup

1 - Dick Maiese 2 - Jack Ward 3 - Ray Corrette 4 - Doug Jones 5 - John Steacy

2019 Victor All-Florida Cup Results

3/3/2019 - Senior Games

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      2/26/2019 - Laser Southern Circuit Winter Regatta - SCMSC
        Gold Fleet
        1 - Ron Stephanz
        2 - Dave Branning
        3 - Jim Pascalides
        Silver Fleet
        1 - Larry Lefczik
        2 - Janice Anderson
        3 - Doug Jones
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2/22-24/2019 Soling 1M National Championship Regatta

Class Secretary - Frank Vella
1 - Peter Feldman
2 - Don Ouimette
3 - Reichard Kahle
4 - Chuck Millican
5 - Jack Wubbe

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2/17/2019 Sail for the Cure
1 - Jack Ward
2 - Jim Child
3 - Howard Means
4 - Ray Corrette
5 - Greg Howell

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9/27-29/2018 Soling 1M National Championship Regatta
1 - Peter Feldman
2 - Reichard Kahle
3 - Scott Rowland
4 - Colin Mosgrove
5 - Jack Ward
6 - Don Ouimette
7 - Jim Child

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4/14-15/2018 Soling 1M Region 7 Championship Regatta
1 - Art Hawes
2 - Don Ouimette
3 - Tony Gonsalvas
4 - John Steacy
5 - George Balaschak
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3/11/2018 Charlotte County Senior Games Results

2/27/2018 Laser Regatta Results

2/17-18/2018 MicroMagic National Championship Regatta

1 - Jack Ward
2 - Gary Boell
3 - Martin Gray
4 - Ron Stephanz
5 - Art Hawes
Full Results | Pictures
2/14/2018 Sail for the Cure | Results

Race Chairman - Mike Rodeheaver
1 - Jack Ward
2 - Howard Means
3 - Peter Feldman
4 - Michael Feldman
5 - Don Ouimette

December 16-17, 2017 Region 7 DF 65 Championship Regatta @SCMSC Results
October 26-28, 2017 EC12 National Regatta Don Ouimette finished 5th. Results.
October 20-22, 2017 Soling 1M National Regatta Results from the Villages Sun Coast sailors: Dick Maiese 3rd, Jack Ward 6th, Don Ouimette 8th, Jim Child 11th, Doug Jones and Frank Vella sailed too.
August 26-27, 2017 CanAm Challange @ Stowe Yacht Club Jack Ward finished 2nd and Don Ouimette finished 5th helping to power USA to win again. For Canada, Bill Croft finished 11th. Results
July Sailing in Peachtree City, GA Jack Ward was busy sailing in several regattas. See their write-up.
US 12 National Regatta 4/1-2/2017 Report | Results

All Florida Cup 3/25/2017 Results

Leukemia Cup 3/15/2017 Results

Charotte County Senior Games 3/12/2017 Results

Florida Series Laser Regatta 3/2/2017 Results

2/18-19/2017 Soling 1M Region 7 Regatta Results | Report

1 - Ron Lange
2 - Art Hawes
3 - Dick Maiese
4 - Peter Feldman
5 - Chuck Millican

2/8/17 Sail for the Cure Regatta

1 - Janice Anderson
2 - Ron Lacroix
3 - Doug Jones
4 - Kurt Martin
5 - Bill Croft

10/22-24/16, DragonForce Nationals, Jacksonville, FL

Early results for our competitors:
Jack Ward - 8th
Jeff Hawley - 12th
Howard Means - 15th

9/17-18/16, Peachtree City Regatta by Tom Evens, edited by Tom Phillips

Turtle Pond MYC #298 hosted the 3rd annual event on Lake McIntosh, Peachtree City, GA. Saturday seventeen skippers from four states formed at the start line in partly cloudy skies and winds 3-10mph. Fifteen races were completed in a wide range of conditions over a two laps around course. Three race blocks followed by a rest period allowed the sailors ample race and recovery time. Five skippers emerged as the contenders for the top spot: Skip Allen, Reichard Kahle, Dave Linville, Joe Walter and Jack Ward all equally shared 1st place finishes. Great conversations, food and beverage at a local bistro capped off a relaxing end to the day!

Sunday’s forecast included possible isolated to scattered thunderstorms. The first race start count was interrupted by a brief, but moderate rain shower. After a short delay, and despite light winds, three quick heats were sailed on a beautifully mirrored lake surface. Then the forecasted “isolated” part settled directly overhead and everyone “scattered” for shelter. End of regatta! Our first significant rain in months. Trophies and thank yous were handed out to the soaked competitors as the rain pelted our gazebo shelter. We appreciate the time and effort taken by all to participate and special thanks to Ricky Gerry for the hand crafted awards.

We look forward to the EC12 fleet returning here to Peachtree City October 25-28, 2017 for the National Championship Regatta.

Top Five:
Place Skipper Sail# Points
1 Reichard Kahle 67 38
2 Joe Walter 24 45
3 Dave Linville 99 55
4 Jack Ward 01 73
5 Skip Allen 77 80

Remaining finishers: Scott Vernon, Chuck Millican, Tom Phillips, Jack Shepard, Jim Rutherford, Ken Williams, Tom Linville, John Muhlhausen, Chuck Ellis, Scott Linville, David Pulling (“The Slowski Award”), Bob Jones.

8/5-7/16, Mystic Race Week by Chuck Luscomb

Mystic Race Week features the J Class R1 Championship on Friday followed by the EC12 Class R1 Championship on Saturday and Sunday.

Well that was some of the best conditions I have seen at Mystic in some time. Three perfect days with S-SW breezes 8-10 kits with some occasional higher gusts. Perfect for this venue. The Seaport extended their generosity once again and rolled out the red carpet for us.

J Class Region 1 Championships(1 Day) Top 3
1. Chuck Luscomb Yankee
2. Kevin MacLellan Shamrock
3. Brian Kerrigan Ranger

EC12 Region 1 Championships (2 days) Top 3
1. Chuck Luscomb
2. Al Dion
3. Don Ouimette

9/23/16 Jim Child wins WRMYC Match Racing Championship

In light winds of 4 - 6 MPH, and sunny skies, w/ temps in the low 80's, TWENTY boats contested the WRMYC Match Racing Championship.

Three years ago, this event replaced the usual Friday afternoon practice session with a Match Racing Tournament. Result is a LOT more participation, and for some this is as much fun as regular fleet racing (as we do on Saturday and Sunday of the regatta weekend).

After some 320 separate matches (pairs racing), in 4 hours today- the winner is Jim Child, of Fairhaven, NY. Jim won, by two points, over last year's champion, John McKinney of Woodstock, ON, CAN.
Look at how close the scores are!!!

1. Jim Child, Fairhaven NY.........19 points
2. John McKinney, Woodstock, ON, CAN...21
3. Bob Schuster, Mentor, OH.....22
4. Don Hain, Amhurst NY......24
5. Bob Green, Lakewood, OH......25
6. Bob Valentine, Fairport Harbor, OH...25
7. Mike Wyatt, Perry, OH..........25
8. Dave Steger, Euclid, OH........26
9. Steve Sears, Madison, OH.......27
10. Sam Santora, Garfield Heights, OH.. 28

9/9-11/16 - Soling National Championship Regatta, Stowe (VT) Yacht Club
Preliminary results - The regatta was won by Jim Goddard (Canada), but the SCMSC contingent did well!
2 - Jim Child
5 - Don Ouimette
6 - Doug Jones
7 - Jack Ward
24 - Frank Vella
31 Boats participated in a promotion/relegation, 3-fleet format. Winds were... well it's Stowe, so use your imagination. (Friday, zero gusting to one. Saturday, remarkably good, but zero to very gusty on Sunday.)

7/30-31/16 - Can-Am Challenge
SCMSC was well-represented at the Stowe (Vt) Yacht Club's Can-Am Challenge. Twenty-eight Soling 1M boats sailed sixteen races using the odd-even format with 3 throw-outs. The winner was Colin Mosgrove (Massachusetts) with 20 points. Second was Doug Jones (SCMSC) with 23 points. Third was Bruce Nourjian (Stowe) with 30 points. Sun Coast's Don Ouimette was 5th and Bill Croft was 9th.
The Can-Am trophy was won by the US - Eh?

06/27/16 - Canadian Nationals, Soling 1M
Our own Janice Anderson finished third out of 14 boats at the Canadian National 1 Meter Soling Championship held this weekend on Heckman's Island, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

06/13/16 - "Sail what you brung" is turning into a huge success. Using a handicapped start, all boats have a chance at winning. Imagine a Micro Magic beating a US 12! Some sailors are even using rigs from different boats. See the Sailing Schedule page for the next race day.

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