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There are usually several used Solings for sale, contact Paul Newfield (941-628-8802 or or Art Hawes (941-451-9144).

Soling 1m
Windjammin Sails like new
Complete but no Transmitter - $400
Contact Don Ouimette at 860-877-4298

Listed below are 5 Remote Control Tug Boats. If you went to buy the kits and build these out it would run anywhere from about $1200.00 to $2500.00. These boats are currently not running but would take very little to get them going. The motors, speed controllers are all installed. They have not been run in many years. If you are interest please give me a call and I will try to help you get over to look at them. They belong to Ray Corrette and they are trying to make some room. Priced from the $350's down to $150.00 depending on the boat. This is a one shot deal to own a prized RC model.
Paul (Slip) Newfield 941-628-8802

hr> New Soling half kit for sale
This is a Victor kit that includes only the plastic parts with no rigging or hardware

$99 - Contact -> Paul (Slip) Newfield 941-628-8802
Soling 1m
Complete but no Transmitter - $350
Contact Joe Lane at 417-955-1593 or 417-860-1363

US12 #59. Rebuilt last winter by Dick M. Comes with Vector A (505) and Vector B (PX75). Navy Blue hull, white bottom, cream deck. $600.00

Frank Vella

This boat appears to be a Kyosho Fairwind 900
Make an offer!
Paul (Slip) Newfield 941-628-8802

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